Bring passion to your practice!
One on one training is where you can grow through leaps and bounds. Each session is tailored to fit you as an individual. Together, we identify the focus of your practice and from there you will discover expansion on the mat and beyond. Whether your goals are relaxation, flexibility, strength, cross-training, or a sense of calm in an already hectic life, we can create a program that best facilitates exactly what you want. You learn to channel mind/body/spirit and remove the disconnect that we so often feel. As you learn to function beyond the expected, you will finally experience life without obstacles and free of distraction.
Breathe in, breathe out.

AlexZandra specializes in passion. She is a promoter of self-discovery and has identified how to utiliZe yoga as a key to personal success. Yoga is about body-awareness, intricate intention and learning to let go. You unearth the imbalance that is caused by the ego and attribute your own success by channeling movement to clarity. Regardless of the goal, AlexZandra is able to contribute to your success through posture (asana), philosophy and custom practice. 

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